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Explore 6 features of our transport company, which will guarantee you a huge competitive advantage

Rapid delivery of goods

Our experienced drivers provide transportation at express pace.

Wide range of transported products

Although flowers remain our leading domain, today we are proud to say that we are able to convey a wide variety of products such as foodstuffs, manufactured goods.

Double manning for safety

To keep our drivers and your cargo safe is one of our primary concerns. That is why we meet the highest standards of safety and always provide double casts in our trucks.

Contact with drivers 24/7

Direct contact between the headquarters and our drivers allows us to give you the most up to date information about your cargo.

Care for quality of your goods

Our highly qualified drivers do their best to maintain top quality of transported goods.

Modern transport fleet

Since we started operating in transport industry, we invest in development and modernization of our fleet. Today it consists of over a dozen refrigerator trucks.

What makes the difference between the offer of the Rekpol Transport and Logistics and other transport companies?

Very fast delivery of goods

Fast Goods Delivery

At Rekpol Transport, we understand how crucial it is for you to have your goods arrive at the designated destination within the specified timeframe. Our company relies on direct communication with experienced drivers, enabling us to meticulously plan transport routes. As a result, regardless of the type of goods or the challenges of the route, we consistently ensure timely and secure delivery.

Our company is characterized primarily by extremely fast goods delivery, which serves as our undisputed hallmark. We owe this to the dual crew staffing present in each of our vehicles. We are ready to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, ensuring delivery punctuality at the highest level.


We carry a wide range of articles

Transporting a Wide Range of Goods

While flowers are our specialty, we do not limit ourselves to them. We take pride in our ability to confidently transport various articles, including food products, industrial goods, electronic equipment, perishable goods (ATP), and many others. For our customers' convenience, we have refrigerated trailers with floral dimensions equipped with loading ramps or double decks, allowing the transport of 66ep, as well as curtain-side trailers with a tilting roof.

Our experience in handling a diverse range of goods positions us well to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, irrespective of the type of shipment.

Modern transport fleet

Modern Fleet of Transportation

Currently, our transportation fleet comprises several heavy-duty trucks. Modern vehicles equipped with the appropriate cooling systems allow us to transport goods that require specific temperatures during transit.

We invest in the most advanced fleet of vehicles, ensuring not only swift deliveries but also the safety of the transported cargo. Our vehicles undergo regular servicing and comply with the highest emission standards, reflecting our commitment to not just timeliness but also environmental responsibility.


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